The payroll function does not need to be time consuming and burdensome for your business anymore! The solution is to outsource it to Lambert Chapman Payroll Services.

Payroll and other administrative tasks take valuable time away from business owners who should be concentrating their efforts on running their business and generating income, allowing the business to grow and develop.  In the time you currently spend dealing with payroll what else could you be doing and could this be income generating for you?

Lambert Chapman have many years of experience and we are constantly reviewing payroll processing techniques to ensure that the quality of service provided to our payroll client’s is maintained. We deal with over 350 different types and sizes of clients and process in excess of 3,000 payslips a month. We are also able to assist clients with the recent changes due to workplace pensions and have already helped many of our clients with their Auto Enrolment implementation and ongoing processing.











Why choose Lambert Chapman Payroll Services?

  • You can spend the time running your business and generating income and not doing administration
  • You can have peace of mind that we will deal with any of your payroll queries
  • We correspond with HM Revenue and Customs and other official bodies regarding payroll and compliance
  • Our payroll bureau is manned all year round so staff sickness and holidays no longer become an issue
  • Cut out the need for costly software licenses, staff training and free up valuable IT resources
  • Fixed tariff based on the number of transactions undertaken allowing costs to be budgeted
  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times and sensitive information is kept off-site
  • We ensure that our staff undertake regular training on PAYE updates and statutory requirements, so that you don’t have to
  • Our staff have undertaken training on the new regulations for work place pensions and are here to ensure that Auto Enrolment is not a headache.

Lambert Chapman Payroll Services may cost less than you think, so what have you got to lose?  In order to obtain a free no-obligation payroll quote, please get in touch with us today.


  • Dedicated payroll staff

  • Prompt turnaround of payroll data

  • Multi frequency payroll processing

  • Payroll software is HMRC approved

  • Payments comply with current PAYE legislation

  • Employees are provided with an individual security e-payslip ensuring they can access their history easily

  • Employer information can be securely transmitted using the e-portal for ensuring that confidential data is protected

  • Posting of individual security payslips to employees (postage extra)

  • Payroll reports designed to meet your current management requirements

  • Expenses, loans and attachment of earnings deductions are dealt with and controlled

  • Pension scheme contributions are monitored including full compliance with Auto Enrolment regulations

  • PAYE compliance inspections held at our offices to ensure minimal disruption to your business with a member of our team in attendance

  • Any necessary forms relating to PAYE are filed with HMRC within the correct time period

  • Geographical location is not an issue, we are based in Essex and London, but our payroll service is available throughout the UK.

  • No minimum contract period

Terms of Engagement:   CIS Services     Payroll Services    (Updated April 2018)


Auto-enrolment is now in place for every Employer. We are able to provide assistance with the set-up of new auto enrolment schemes and to help you efficiently manage any existing schemes. The three year re-enrolment process is about to start for many employers and this needs to be dealt with correctly to avoid costly penalties. Please refer to the following articles for guidance on Auto Enrolment:


Pip Trowles Payroll Manager

Pip joined us in July 2012 and is responsible for the day to day management of the payroll bureau. She qualified with an Advanced Professional Diploma in Payroll Management and has many years experience in payroll processing. She has developed a strong working relationship with many of her clients who are more than happy to recommend the services of the department. 


Pip Trowles, Payroll, Lambert Chapman, Braintree, Accountant

Lesley Wright, Payroll, Lambert Chapman, Braintree, Accountant

Donna Farquhar, Payroll, Lambert Chapman, Braintree, Accountant

Lesley Wright - Payroll Assistant

Lesley joined the practice in 2010. She has worked at HMRC in the PAYE department and previously worked within our personal tax department. This experience helps us to deal with HMRC and to understand their procedures and provides essential support to the processing side of the payroll bureau. 


  Donna Farquhar - Payroll Assistant

Donna joined the Practice in 2016 to provide additional resource to our expanding department.   She has previously worked within organisations dealing with their payroll as well as dealing with the payroll and CIS requirements of her husband’s business.   This provides us with a unique client perspective to providing our payroll services.


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