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Nigel Whittle: Reaction to Budget 2018

A big spending budget with significant increases in the personal allowance and higher rate tax threshold. I expected more money for health, social care and universal credit, but the tax decreases I didn’t expect. I hope the extra spending overall will not derail the...

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Nick Forsyth: Reaction to Budget 2018

With potential political upheaval ahead, it is important that the Budget that Phillip Hammond delivered was suitable for the support of the DUP. We can only wait to see if that is the case. Mr Hammond delivered a number of initiatives that will affect the clients that...

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Graham McNeill: Reaction to Budget 2018

Good news regarding the early increase in personal allowances to £12,500 and to raise the higher rate threshold to £50,000 a year earlier than expected. Higher rate taxpayers should benefit the most but all taxpayers should see a benefit with some individuals being...

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Lisa Greenwood: Reaction to Budget 2018

A budget to benefit who? Having spent the day at a Spa whilst the budget was on, I was keen when I returned home last night to find out what I had missed. I listened to the news on Radio 2 on the drive home - nothing mentioned. I went onto the BBC website and had to...

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Residential Nil Rate Band & Downsizing

We’ve all come across people who in later life have decided to move to a smaller property, “now the kids have moved out” or “we don’t need the space, it’s too much work”, but how are these people affected when it comes to the new Inheritance Tax rules for leaving...

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Making Tax Digital for VAT

With only seven months to go until the Making Tax Digital for VAT #MTDfV deadline, most businesses above the £85,000 threshold should already be integrating the new digital tax system into their processes, but is that happening in reality and do people really know...

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