HMRC have released data on their Tax Investigations Campaigns showing revenue from January 2015 to March 2017. As you can see from the increase in the chart below, the income achieved from these targeted areas has been significant.

CampaignLaunched31/1/2015 (£)31/3/2017 (£)Increase (£)Closure date
Offshore Disclosure Facility2007512,190,000512,455,397265,397Nov 07
Offshore New Disclosure Facility2009156,923,070167,759,65110,836,581Mar 10
Tax Health Plan201070,961,03495,661,57824,700,544Jun 10
Tax Catch-up Plan20112,968,8083,785,832817,024Mar-12
E Marketplaces20129,379,36127,175,03817,795,677Sep-12
My Tax Return Catch-up201333,137,62139,795,8696,658,248Oct-13
VAT Outstanding Returns201338,696,94546,719,1188,022,173Feb-13
Property Sales20138,245,78222,869,79414,624,012Sep-13
Health Wellbeing Tax Plan2013936,3153,031,0572,094,742Apr-14
Solicitors Tax Campaign201401,337,4821,337,482Jun-15
Campaign Consequential DisclosuresN/A5,536,92120,455,29714,918,376Live

It is expected that HMRC will continue to target their Tax Investigations in this manner, rather than go in for fishing expeditions.

Connect, the computer system used by HMRC which is used for targeting purposes, now has 22 billion lines of data and has created £3 billion in revenues. It is responsible for 95% of their enquiries into Self Assessment Tax Returns.

The data comes from “open source” material, which includes news reports, internet sites, Companies House records, Land Registry reports, blogs and social networking sites where privacy settings have not been set.

HMRC recently used social media to prove that a taxpayer had been lying about not having any money after posting holiday snaps from abroad.

How will they find out? A question often posed by clients in years gone by….. Now, more than ever, HMRC have access to data which means they can – and will – find out.

If you are concerned about your tax position or HMRC have raised an enquiry into your Self Assessment Tax Return, Lambert Chapman can help bring matter up to date and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

Posted by Lucy Orrow

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