Working from home can be a lonely experience and as we waved our colleagues goodbye on lockdown day, armed with our laptops and VPN’s to work remotely, we were determined that along with looking after our clients, we would also need to lookout for our teammates during these strange times.

Our IT hero Mark set us all up on Microsoft Teams which is where we can all keep in touch day-to-day. We call, we video chat, we ask questions, we communicate and now that we’ve settled in – we can have a little fun too.

As these things usually go, it was of course Nick who cast the first stone when this message and accompanying photo arrived via WhatsApp:

“Should we get everyone to send in photos from their home office for the intranet?”

The challenge had been set and a few messages later, ‘Whose desk is it anyway’ was born and the desk photos started pinging through.

You can always count on #TeamLambChap to get involved and we’ve had some great photo submissions with some keeping it more real than others (we don’t remember their work desks being so tidy!). We’ve had some with props, some with pets, some with clues and some with nothing more than a computer screen to keep us all guessing. It’s surprising just how much you can pick up from one photo…

The daily posts have encouraged us all to check in at least once a day, have a bit of fun, usually a bit of a wind up and just generally keep in touch.


It’s not quite business as usual right now, but we’re doing our best and you can reach the Lambert Chapman team via phone or email. If there is anything that we can help you with right now – please do get in touch.

What have you been doing to keep in touch with your teams while working remotely?

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