Just prior to the 2018 World Cup, we decided to host an alternative running of the tournament at our UK200Group Professional Breakfast at the Braintree Golf Club, Stisted.

The results of the matches were decided by our guests, who were rolling dice in order to determine the scores of each game, each table playing out one of the tournament groups.

The tournament threw up some shock results, such as Portugal’s humiliating defeats against Spain and, more notably, Iran! Brazil also went home early and the Germans scraped through into the knockout stages.

To the delight of the majority of attendees, England made it to the World Cup Final although they sadly fell at the last hurdle, losing to Croatia 5-2.  So close to bringing an end to what was then 52 years of hurt.

As the World Cup 2018 tournament went down well, and given the tough year that everyone has had, we decided that we should play the Euro 2020 tournament to see how that would pan out.

Over the last week, Nick, Craig and Richard organised the running of the tournament with a number of our staff members taking part during lunchtime to see what shocks would arise this time around.

It was hoped that this would provide greater staff interaction, so important given our remote working during the current climate, and also some light relief in what has proved to be a difficult time for many of us.

Our staff enjoyed running the tournament, which didn’t disappoint, and enthusiastically compiled the results and worked out the fixtures for the knockout stages eagerly anticipating the results.

We all waited nervously to see how the youthful England team would get on – would they struggle to get out of the group, get knocked out by a tough opponent in the knock-out stages or could they go one better than in 2018 and become the Euro 2020 Champions?

We have decided to share the highlights of the tournament with you with a bit of help from our roving reporters, to whom we give our thanks for giving up their valuable time to travel across Europe to provide their match day reports.

Matthew Swan – NatWest – reporting from Wembley and Rome

Wendy Martin – Ellisons – reporting from Bucharest and St Petersburg

Phil Davies – Holmes & Hills – reporting from Copenhagen and Munich

Ray Bugg – RB Mortgage Solutions – reporting from Wembley and Baku




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