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I am over the moon that the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity accepted my application to run for them in 2019. I have entered the public ballot every year and have never been successful. I always said I would run a full distance marathon before I turned 30, but juggling a young family, house renovations and work commitments always got in the way and that milestone has been and gone, so when I heard about the charity places, I jumped at the opportunity.

You can follow my training journey in the run-up to race-day.

Any donations are gratefully received via my JUST GIVING fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mark-pearson33

Training Diary:

March 25th: A week of reduced running however not intentional!

I thought it would be a good idea to play squash on Monday and pulled something in my leg. This has meant that I have not got out as much as I would have liked. I did manage to get my first 20 miles in on Sunday getting out at 5.55am and watching the sun rise. Just over a month to go! Thank you everybody for your support.


18 March: Big Fundraising Boost

A slightly easier week in my training plan only covering about 30 miles this week. Getting out in the evenings and after work 4 times for shorter runs and running a half marathon on Sunday. Whatever way I seemed to go I encountered some big hills! Sponsorship going really well thanks to support from clients and guests at the last Professional Networking Breakfast. 74% of target reached. Any donations to my Just Giving page are much appreciated and make the early starts and howling winds worth it


11 March: Clocking up the miles

When will this wind stop? I have again managed to get out three times this week building up for the longest run on my training plan to date. I got out early again as the weather was expected to be bad, so headed out at 6.30am in the wind and the rain to complete an 18 miler running from Halstead to Maplestead then through to Castle Hedingham towards Wethersfield and then back home again. It is surprising how far you have to run just to do 18 miles!

4 March: This weather!

Another week and another long run under my belt but in the worst conditions I have run! I have managed to get out three times this week running clocking up nearly 40 miles. My Sunday long run was interesting –  I got up early as it looked like the weather was getting worse as the day went on so got up early and was out of the house by 6.10am. It was really raining and really windy but still got 16.5 miles done. No matter what way I turned,  I was running into the wind.

25 February: Feeling rough but still on-track

The plan this week was to get back on the training schedule after a week of reduced running following the marathon plan (just the 30 miles this week!) – however having two young children, they had different plans. Kids seem to pick every germ up this time of the year and have kindly given me a nice cough and cold.

I have still managed to get out 3 times this week, dropping one of my mid-week runs to try and shift this cold.

Not all bad though with views like this…

18 Feb: Why am I doing this to myself?

When the email came round with the opportunity to run in the 2019 London Marathon, I was well up for the challenge. It is something I have always wanted to do and it will be another thing ticked off my bucket list.

Having lost family members to cancer and most recently, my mother overcoming breast cancer – the opportunity to run for The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity was never going to be turned down.

My training started well before Christmas just to maintain a core level of fitness, however after all the over-indulgence over the festive period, I am now following the London Marathon 17 week training plan.

I am currently on week 7/8 of the plan which is a lighter week than previous where I have been running between 30-35 miles a week. The plan is a great way to train but the biggest problem at this time of year is the weather – it is either freezing cold outside, blowing a gale, raining or pitch black early or late in the day. The other problem is where I live as I have to encounter a number of hills, although I see it as no pain no gain!

Anyone that recognises me will know I wear glasses during the day, I couldn’t be bothered to put contact lenses in for a short run so if anyone sees me running round Halstead, I am probably the one almost falling over as I miss a dropped kerb! How nothing has been broken I do not know… Fingers crossed it won’t.

My training will continue over the coming weeks and I will be posting weekly updates on how my training is going.

What I am doing is nothing compared to the great work of the Helen Rollason charity – they are funded completely by fundraising and donations. If you would like to sponsor me for this worthy charity, please visit my Just Giving page. I would also like to thank everybody who has already sent a donation.

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