As if we were going to let a pandemic get in the way of bringing you our annual Christmas Video. 2020 has certainly brought its challenges, but we hope our (covid-secure) video can raise a smile and spread a little festive cheer.

If you’ve still got some shopping to do, please support your local high street however you can #SupportLocal

On behalf of all the Staff and Partners at Lambert Chapman LLP, may we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2021.

In our efforts to raise a smile this Christmas, please share this video with your friends, family and colleagues…

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A note from young Mr Grace – Nick Forsyth:

In a normal world – does any of us actually remember what one of those looked like – we would be holding a UK200Group networking breakfast at Braintree Golf Club today (9 December 2020) at which we would be launching our 2020 Christmas Video.  Clearly that won’t be happening – the breakfast that is – as the Government’s Tiers won’t allow that to take place, but it hasn’t stopped us putting a little something together for you.

As you know, we like to involve a broad group of staff and partners in the production and with the pandemic affecting each one of us personally in a negative way – before considering the effect upon our business or investments – I felt that we needed to offer something that would cheer people up. An initial script was produced and circulated which might have fit the criteria, but eventually hit a brick wall over social distancing issues. That left us with a problem. If not that, what to take its place?

That was a struggle – I had an idea but had concerns with it as an extended production – and Katie was suggesting to me utilising Zoom to make it topical when our October Partners meeting took place. We got to the end of the Agenda when a question came from the floor about this year’s play. A discussion ensued which gave me scene 1 right there before my eyes and by the next morning, the script had been produced.

Zoom and Teams have worked on world domination this year and we’ve learnt as much as you have in how to host a meeting. Cloud recording provided a challenge – easily overcome but in the right format? And then there was the use of virtual backgrounds – they work for some but not for others. And we also got lucky as we didn’t appreciate that the character names would appear as they turned on their cameras or that the camera being turned off would take them out of shot.

So we have three scenes which generally would be filmed line by line and from different camera angles, but this year filmed in 5 separate ‘meetings’. Thanks once again go the staff for their participation and as to us Partners for getting into the swing of things both as themselves and in character. Yes, we’re reading our scripts but we needed to in achieving both scenes in one take. If you’ve seen any of our other videos – you’ll know it’s all light hearted, offered without offence in an effort to raise a little smile as you watch.

There are a few days left for the Christmas shopping, so please try and visit your local shops and high streets when doing so to protect what fabric of traditional life we have left as those employed in this sector generally have the product knowledge that the internet doesn’t.

And finally do have the best Christmas possible in whatever tier we find ourselves in when the 25th finally arrives.


Cast and Crew:

 Paul Short as Mr Grainger

 Nick Forsyth as young Mr Grace

 Lisa Greenwood as Mrs Slocombe

 Craig Weavers as Mr Harman

  Sean Wiegand as Mr Humphreys

 Nigel Whittle as Captain Peacock

  Lucy Orrow as Miss Brahms

 John Smith-Daye as Mr Rumbold

 Graham McNeill as Mr Lucas

Thanks go to #TeamLambChap Extras: Georgia Renker, Christine Ruffle, Sue Stedman, Sue Sibthorpe, Gail Tansley, Mark Pearson, Richard Hamilton, Mark Pearson, Lesley Wright, Tracey Whittle and Duncan Forsyth

Filming: Zoom

Editing: Katie Gardner


A reminder of our opening times over the festive period >

Posted by John Smith-Daye

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