I have seen a pickup over the last few months in the number of appointments we are securing to provide business valuations and individual shares therein.

Many of these are in the context of divorce proceedings, where we are instructed by lawyers. We are very fortunate that a number of firms in the area will always seek a quote from us where an expert needs to be appointed.

I was particularly heartened when the Head of Family Law in one well-established and respected firm in the region, made the comments that the court were always pleased to be presented with one of our reports because they knew that the report would be professionally and painstaking prepared, with due attention to detail.

When I was presenting to a group of lawyers (pre-lockdown I hasten to add), I was sharing a platform with a barrister. I was very flattered when we chatted afterwards and he said that he had used our reports in court and also complemented me on their quality. I reckon that he didn’t need to say that and that he meant it.

We are indeed painstaking in our due diligence and researching our reports, so it is most gratifying to secure that affirmation.

Encouragingly, we have also been called in to help business owners with valuations of their business to assist in their sale or for the withdrawal of a founding partner. It is equally gratifying when the appointment comes by way of a recommendation from a client who has used our forensic accountancy services. I was particularly pleased in one case where my valuation seems to have enabled the two partners to agree a figure to part company, whereas they had been poles apart before my appointment.

I have been quietly satisfied in other cases when I had provided an estimate of the business valuation and then the owners in both cases, indicated that my valuation was in the ballpark area they had in mind.

We always look to provide an estimate of our fees, often a precise quotation. We may not always provide the lowest quote but we tend not to be the highest either. I like to think that reflects that we do offer value for money.

If you come across someone needing an independent business valuation, do bear us in mind. I should be very pleased to see if we can assist.

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Lambert Chapman Chartered Accountants

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