CharitiesCharities are a specialist area of accounts preparation and audit for which an individualistic approach is required. As a leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Essex Lambert Chapman LLP have a  range of Charity clients and have recently seen this to be a positive growth area. 

Our team have developed a reputation for supporting trustees through the year end report with the minimum of fuss whilst ensuring that the annual report includes all the required disclosures both within the figures and trustees report sections.

Expert Advice for Charity Accounts

Charities offer opportunities to get accounts and disclosures incorrect. Some examples of these are as follows:

  • Misinterpreting the distinction between Unrestricted and Restricted Funds.
  • Being unable to distinguish assets and liabilities between Unrestricted and Restricted Funds at the year end.
  • Capitalising assets without question when specific donations exist to fund them thus creating large surpluses and then regular deficits thereafter.

Our team have the experience to think through these problems when reviewing the annual report so that the final document accurately reports the financial position and the financial performance for the period. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss an appointment and will visit you to review your records so that a quotation can be prepared.

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