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Richard Hamilton: Do your charity accounts comply with the regulations?

I was recently asked to run a training session for a local charity regarding common accounting issues and, whilst preparing for this, I was surprised to discover the number of sets of financial statements submitted to the Charity Commission that they deem to be falling short of their minimum standards.

Inheritance Tax Update from Lucy Orrow – Directors Loan Account

Did you follow the herd at the turn of the decade and incorporate your sole trade or partnership?

Making Tax Digital for VAT

With only seven months to go until the Making Tax Digital for VAT #MTDfV deadline, most businesses above the £85,000 threshold should already be integrating the new digital tax system into their processes.

Lucy Orrow: Self Assessment Tax Return Dates for your Diary

With the last of the public holidays behind us until Christmas and the kids back to school, it’s time to set your mind to filing your tax return.

Is your business ready for the unexpected?

Personal circumstances recently reiterated the need for all of us to think about and prepare for the worse. The worse relates to two main events firstly death (one of life’s certainties) and secondly mental or physical incapacity.

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