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Lisa Greenwood: The True Power of Computerised Accounts Software

During my career I have seen the transition of clients using manual records, ranging from a carrier bag of invoices to beautifully maintained simplex books, to the use of computerised accounting software both on a desktop and in the cloud.

Nigel Whittle: Dealing with Surplus Assets on Sale of Business

I have noticed a real upturn in merger and acquisition activity so far during 2018.

Paul Short: Valuing Farm Tenancies on the Balance Sheet

I sometimes think that we can miss a trick when presenting the balance sheets of farming companies and indeed farming partnerships as part of an application for finance...

GDPR Update from Lisa Greenwood: An Individuals Perspective and Responsibility

What should you be doing to protect yourself if you are asked to provide personal data, and is it GDPR compliant?

Personal Service Company Contracts

Will a well written contract save you on investigation?

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