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Mark Up for Margin

It’s always a little disconcerting when you get your mark up and margins confused or the wrong way round, as this can have a catastrophic effect upon the business..

Time to invest in yourself and your business? Speak to our Financial Mentors...

When you are acting for a range of clients some who are big, some who are small, you come to recognise those of them who need the reassurance that they are doing things correctly or those who need support in grasping a point that may change their fortunes for the future...

All in the Detail - Audit and Assurance Assignment Services

Lambert Chapman LLP are a firm of Chartered Accountants and we are regulated to offer Statutory Audit services. We are committed to retain our Audit status in order to provide the full range of services to our clients.

Have you heard of Social Impact Investing?

I knew very little about social impact investing until recently, but I have become personally very interested in its objectives and the tremendous representation we have here in the United Kingdom...

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