We have put together a series of useful Business Guides, available to download.

Corporate Tax Planning in 2020/21

Even among those who follow good tax-planning practice and maintain forecasts running several years forward, it is unlikely that many foresaw the dramatic end to the 2019/20 tax year. With the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, the economy shrank a...

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Post-Covid-19 Support for Businesses

Since the Budget in March, businesses have seen a stream of different support schemes and policies announced to help them manage the financial impacts of the coronavirus lockdown. When Chancellor Rishi Sunak stood in the House of Commons again on 8 July, it was in the...

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The Capital Goods Scheme for VAT

The VAT capital goods scheme affects input VAT recovery relating to high-value capital assets. Input VAT is a tax incurred on most purchases made by VAT-registered firms, and they can usually reclaim it from HMRC in full. The scheme usually applies to partially-exempt...

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Personal Tax Planning 2020/2021

The Government left it to the very last minute to announce its tax plans for 2020/21. Fortunately, Chancellor Rishi Sunak had few surprises up his sleeve in the Spring Budget. 

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Tax Card 2020/2021

Download your FREE Tax Card for 2020/2021 to find out the latest changes to tax rates, allowances & legislation from April 2020.

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