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New Tax Year equals changes to Payroll

It is time to look at the changes that the new tax year (5 April 2019) provides for those clients with employees. Workplace Pension / Auto Enrolment Pension Rates The first notable change is the increase in contribution levels into the workplace pension from April...

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Act Now! Form P11D – Tax on Company Benefits

P11D – Employers return of Directors / Employee’s Expenses and Benefits in Kind It is time to prepare the Forms P11D and P11D(b) for the 2018/19 tax year. The forms are the employer’s responsibility. They are required for directors or employees who are provided with...

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Another example of Hubris and Nemesis?

A couple of recent events reminded me of two old friends of my misspent youth studying Greek. The Greeks are a pessimistic lot. If someone displayed Hubris, i.e. an over-weaning pride and arrogance, then they were asking to excite the jealousy and wroth of the Gods...

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Self-Assessment Penalty Delays

HMRC have recently advised that they have delayed issuing penalty notices to taxpayers who failed to file their 2018 Self-Assessment Tax Returns by the 31 January 2019 deadline. Their reason?  – to free up call-centre staff for Brexit queries. Please note that...

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Entrepreneurs’ Relief – the new rules

In the 2018 Autumn Budget, the Chancellor announced some changes to the Entrepreneurs’ Relief rules, which would have affected companies with alphabet shares or different classes of shares. However, following consultation with professional bodies, the Government have...

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Helping your Children onto the Property Ladder

4 Options Available: Giving a gift of cash Buying a property together Setting up a trust Buying through a company Giving a Gift of Cash You can make a gift to your child which if unconditional, is free from tax at the point of transfer. This will allow your child to...

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Top Tips for Cutting Inheritance Tax (IHT)

With property values going up and more ways to save tax efficiently, the value of Estates continue to grow. Lambert Chapman’s top tips for cutting Inheritance Tax (IHT) are: Make Tax Exempt Gifts Pay £250 to anyone under the Small Gifts Exemption and Up to £3,000 in...

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