Lambert Chapman LLP Strengthen Firm with Changes to Top Team

We are delighted to announce that Graham McNeill is joining the Partnership on the 1st July 2018.  Graham joined us in 2001 as a trainee and has worked in Nigel Whittle’s team progressing to become a Senior Manager in 2015. In the last 12 months, he has added valuable new clients to the Firm and will join our existing Registered Individuals allowing him to sign off audits and accounts.

Lambert Chapman LLP Partnership Accountants

Pictured left to right: Senior Partner Nigel Whittle, Partner Graham McNeill and Managing Partner Nick Forsyth

Those clients who have worked with Graham recognise his attributes and will be pleased for him, the rest of you may need this year’s Christmas Video to recognise his sense of humour!

Outgoing Managing Partner Nigel Whittle commented, “I am delighted to see Graham joining the partnership and over time he will take over some of my own client relationships. We believe that Graham has the personality and skills to do this and the support of those clients when the moment comes.”   

As part of this process, Nigel decided that he wished to stand down as Managing Partner after 19 years in the role. “When I took over from Mike Lambert it was agreed I would serve 10 years, so after 19 I felt the time was right to stand down to allow me to enjoy being a Partner from the back benches.”

Lambert Chapman LLP Managing Partners Accountants

Managing Partners Past and Present Pictured left to right: Mike Lambert, Nick Forsyth and Nigel Whittle

Nigel takes on the role of Senior Partner and is replaced as Managing Partner by Nick Forsyth with whom he has worked closely since 1990 when Nick joined the Firm as his manager (pictured above). “Nick has backed me up as our number 2 for a number of years and with me becoming Senior Partner, there is an element of role reversal. The good thing is that we both believe that we have an excellent Partner and staff team at the present time leaving us in a strong position to move forward.”

June 2018


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