Budget 2017: Reaction from Lambert Chapman LLP

Lisa Potter, Accountant, EssexLisa Potter:

"it appears rightly or wrongly that this is not a budget full of shocking announcements and in fact having read the summary points, was quite flat"


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 Nick Forsyth Accountant EssexNick Forsyth

"It's not difficult to feel sorry for Philip Hammond. Promoted to a top job at a time of major political uncertainty and under as much pressure as any Premier League manager in the middle of a difficult run"

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John Smith-Daye, Accountant, Essex, MaldonJohn Smith-Daye

“More maths for everyone – what a great thing to say. Anyone that knows me will confirm how much I love to play with numbers, and the Chancellor agrees!"


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Nigel Whittle Accountant EssexNigel Whittle

"The focus on house building was heavily trailed and did get some significant assistance."



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Sean Wiegand Accountant EssexSean Wiegand

"You can breathe a sigh of relief as Phillip Hammond held the VAT threshold at £85,000 for the next 2 years and is consulting on whether the limit should be reduced - so watch this space!"


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Paul Short Accountant EssexPaul Short

"If Phil is anxious to improve the appeal of the Conservative Party to younger voters, he really ought to address the Student Loan fiasco."


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