Meet The Partner: Nigel Whittle

WHO ARE YOU   Nigel Whittle
WHERE (Place)  Chelmsford
QUALIFICATIONS  FCA CF 25 yards breast stroke
Work done for LC  Lots
MY LIFE outside hobbies likes etc.  Garden Projects , Old Buildings, Visiting Italy
1st JOB  Apple Picking followed by Night milking
Favourite Genre


Favourite Film  American Werewolf in London
Favourite TV show  Fawlty Towers
Most listened to Music/album  Emerson Lake and Palmer
Favourite Book  Brave New World
Daily Journal  The Telegraph
Favourite Place  My garden
Great Meal  Lobster and chips at Mersea
Tipple  Scotch
Favourite decade  1960’s
Biggest Fear Moved home and don’t know why
Ideal day away from the Office My garden