Meet The Partner: Nick Forsyth

WHO ARE YOU Nick Forsyth
WHERE (Place) Braintree
QUALIFICATIONS Chartered Accountant (Fellow)
Work done for LC Accounting and Auditing including Management Accounting and Management support. Marketing the Practice.
MY LIFE outside hobbies likes etc. Stoke By Nayland, Family Travel Tottenham Hotspur, England Test matches, Steve Howe, GOATS, SF Giants, Boycs, Thorndon Park, Alex Lifeson, KP, Jon Anderson, Woodhall Spa, Angus Young, 49ers, Macca, Sports events with Dad and Lad.
1st JOB Chorister St Peters in the Fields Church Braintree aged 8, first solo “Lead Me Lord” at wedding aged 9.
Favourite Genre Probably Music. 30 years ago this week that I attended my first concert Yes 10th Anniversary shows at Wembley Pool as it was then.
Favourite Film


Probably a baseball film as it is one sport that transfers to film well. Field of Dreams is a good one.
Favourite TV show


Something funny – the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Blackadder series were special; particularly the way they finished the last episode.
Most listened to Music/album Tough question. Going for The One by Yes must be in the top 3, The Beatles Abbey Road, Powerage by AC/DC, Wish You Were Here or side 3 of The Wall by Pink Floyd, Selling England by the Pound by Genesis or Permanent Waves from Rush.
Favourite Book


I always remember fondly The Sunbird by Wilbur Smith and often think I should read it again
Daily Journal
Favourite Place Again a difficult choice but I’ll say Keswick. We spent ALL our holidays there as a family. In the late 1970’s I’d had enough of it but as you get older you look back more fondly.
Great Meal Mother’s Steak and Kidney pie with apologies to the wife…
Tipple Have always been a pint of Bitter man.
Favourite decade 1970’s
Biggest Fear Deep water, needles and sharp blades.
Ideal day away from the Office Beating Chelsea at Wembley was pretty good but currently golfing with the sun on your back, hitting greens and sinking putts would do it.