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The App itself has 9 separate areas and development continues in some of these to bring further improvements that we hope will be welcomed as they are released. The App also includes a mobile version of our website and we hope that this added accessibility will be welcomed by clients and will make us a first port of call with contacts.

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• Tax Savings
The tax savings section looks at a variety of sensible tax savings measures including  Salary Sacrifice, Childcare Vouchers, Pension Scheme, Green Car and Cycle to Work Schemes, Parking Schemes, Health Screening and a number of Other Savings. The pages look to provide an aide meoire of each section in terms of the tax implications and are a good starting point when discussing matters in house before deciding upon the specific advice you need to contact us for.

• Tax Calculators
The tax calculators are geared to provide you with a generic calculation of the taxes that may fall due if you make a capital purchase or make a profit or gain. They can also help with expense claims if the amounts included are gross and require VAT being split out.

• Tax Tables
Tax tables include all the normal figures that at one time would have been given to you on a tax card that never really fit into your wallet as intended. Here they carry a variety of tax related matters moving from capital allowances onto car and fuel benefits, then mileage rates, VAT rates and scheme limits, Inheritance Tax and Stamp Duty.

• News Feed
As you know we produce regular articles on finance related topics on our website and the news feed picks up all of our articles for you to enjoy whilst on the move.

• Business Mileage
The mileage counter is one of the features that we  hope will become a firm favourite. It allows you to record your business mileage accurately via GPS tracking and then email it to your desktop as a CSV file that will open in Excel. The log records the date and time of the journey and notes the starting point. 

If you are using Apple products all you have to do is hit the start button and then not close down the app on the device you are operating it on. You can also record passengers to claim the additional mileage and customer details once the journey has finished. You must do this before you hit the save button

If you are using an Android product you can enter the journey's purpose or customer details before you start travelling or after you have pressed stop but you must do it before you press Save as the finishing destination will not be recorded. 

• Services
Our services section lists a number of the most popular services that Lambert Chapman LLP offer to its clients. One of our most crucial tasks is to make you aware of our full range of services and we hope that this instant access will make you think, “can we source this from Lambert Chapman?”

• Expenses Log
As with the mileage log this is another section that we hope will become popular.  think about those times when you are out and incur expenses but later on cannot find the receipt so either make an unsupported claim or are unable to make the claim without back up and end up incurring the cost personally. This puts an end to the problem as it allows you to capture the receipt as an image and email it to your desktop so that it remains safe until your expense form is completed.

• Date Reminder
The date reminder allows you to add reminders into your App so that you don’t forget to send a payment, arrange a lunch appointment with that important customer or record a name or telephone number for later. Your top three reminders will appear on the homepage of your App until they are deleted. We are also pre-populating this section with a number of deadlines from our tax and business calendar contained in the Tax Centre of our website. Some of these will provide the opportunity for you to make them specific to your own business by entering some data about your year end and VAT quarters to allow the App to calculate your dates. They will also roll forward automatically.

• Contact Us
This page presents a number of opportunities. It allows you to access a Google map and details of both our offices, call them email or go to our mobile website. You can also access all of our social media tools from here or visit our blog where we publish more lifestyle type articles and if the urge takes you to ask a quick question by email you can do that too.

Useful Stuff:

To get the best out of your App here are a couple of things that might help. Firstly, make sure you apply the updates provided by the App Store or Android Market. If you don’t apply these you won’t be getting the best out of any App's features and so do keep your eyes open for updates.

Secondly, you can use the delete function to remove entries within the mileage, expenses or reminder logs. To do this you need to swipe a finger horizontally across the screen over the entry to display the delete key. Easy when you know how but frustrating when you have a rogue entry and don’t! Similarly the back button is extremely important to take you back to the options screen rather than quitting out of the program as when you re-enter you will be where you were before.

Mileage Log - When using this feature to record a new journey on Android, ensure you complete the 'Journey' field before you start tracking. This will ensure that your final destination/client details are recorded in the log file, as you can't go back and edit a log once it has been completed..


If you experience any problems using the app or if you have any questions or feedback, you can email or call us on 01376 326266. 

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