An update from John Smith-Daye: JSD is still alive and kicking......

With apologies to the late great Spike Milligan, I told you I was Ill. Not quite as ill as he was though!

One Wednesday morning in late February, I felt a bit sniffly, so, being a man, I rang 111 at 4am and an ambulance was called. A rapid response car arrived 54 seconds, yes 54 SECONDS later. "What took you so long?" I asked the driver."I had to park" he responded before whisking me off to Colchester A & E.

There was a meeting of the Partners of Lambert Chapman LLP that evening, one of those at which important matters are discussed - why is there a 20 pence discrepancy in the petty cash, who's pinched my ruler, you know the sort of thing. Anyway, it had been agreed that I would be telephoned should my vote be needed. I wasn't really feeling that bad, so it seemed appropriate.

Nick Forsyth duly rang me. Within two days I had been placed in an induced coma, whisked off to Papworth Hospital and put on a life support machine. Not that there is any link between these facts - at least I don't think so.........

I don't know what happened to March, I was away with the fairies for most of the month. Somewhere in the middle of the month they threw me out of Papworth and sent me back to Colchester, and then discharged me to the care of 'She That Must Be Obeyed' a couple of weeks ago.

What was the problem? The dreaded H1N1 swine flu, it has knocked me for six, and I'm still weak but recuperating and raring to get back to the real world.

I have to say, the support of my Partners has been fantastic, and the cards from staff, clients and contacts must have led to the destruction of several forests.

I am pleased to report that I am now back in circulation and at work again full-time.  My Doctor has given me the “all clear”.

The message now is most definitely – I’M BACK! and looking forward to seeing or speaking with you all again soon.

Thank you, all of you.

April 2016


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